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Making Santa's Naughty List...with Darah Lace

Posted by Nese on December 15, 2013 at 1:05 AM

Hi, I'm Darah Lace, one of the authors of Erotic Cravings. We're inviting you to put yourself on The Naughty List! We're giving away prizes, including a $50 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. For a chance to win a digital copy of Yes, Master, leave a comment. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Erotic Cravings.



A Naughty Elf

A little elf whispered in my ear, “Don’t hang your stockings

by the chimney with care. Put them on, along with those red stilettos, the matching

bustier and mini-skirt. Go be naughty!”




I frowned. Me? Wearing an outfit like that? Ha! He must have

been drinking too much hot chocolate! I had, which is why that skirt didn’t fit

anymore. But wait, that was reality!





Quick, quick, oh, hurry! I dash across the room and grab the nearest

vehicle of fantasy!





Yes! I’m off now. And I’m sleek and long and dressed in red


And hells to the yes! The elf is no longer the same elf whispering in my ear. He’s taller, leaner, a pillar of strength and power. And he's dressed in full Dom gear, a flogger in

his large, strong sexy hand.





“You’ve been very naughty.” His voice is deep, lusty. His

dark gaze strays from the tippy-toe of my red heels to the polished red tip of my

fingernails high above my head. My wrists are bound to the wall, the

cold metal biting deliciously into my flesh. I’m helpless…his to do with as he wishes.





I lower my head to hide my smile. I know he likes it when I’m







And that’s how easy it is to be naughty, to get lost in a

book, a fantasy. I do it whenever I can, whether I’m reading or writing. In my

latest release, Tara must let go of the world she knows and submit to the

unknown world of BDSM. She’s very, very naughty and loves every minute of it!
















Tara Sherwood never dreamed she’d

let a man put her in chains, call her pet and spank her into submission, or

that she’d derive pleasure from punishment. But her future hangs in the balance

and the choice is simple—walk away, or kneel at the Master’s feet.





A morsel of decadence that will whet

your appetite for whips, bondage and a Master of your own.











A loud pop across the room snapped

her head up. The rest of her body jerked but remained immobile, proving the

restraints worked and just how vulnerable she was. Oh god, what had she been

thinking? She’d never even been spanked before much less whipped.





He was beside her again, a warm hand

on her back, smoothing the length of her spine. “Shh, shh, shh.” His palm slid

along her hip and over the curve of ass. “It sounds worse than it feels.”






Tara sucked in a deep breath and

exhaled slowly. She trusted him. She had to, had to do this.






Something tickled the opposite

buttock. It felt like dozens of velvety fingers. No, not fingers. Strands of

soft leather. She trembled as it shadowed the path of his hand down one thigh,

over her calf and back up again then along her back. The tickling continued

down her arms until he finally held it for her to see. And seeing the

instrument he planned to use on her helped ease the panic.






Funny, she should have been more

afraid, not less. Maybe she wanted this more than she thought.






See, Tara is enjoying herself,

living a fantasy. I encourage you—no, I dare you—to find your own little elf, let him whisper in your ear. Then go,

be naughty!






Darah (always on The Naughty List)
















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For a chance to win a digital copy

of Yes, Master, leave a comment. Your comment will also enter you for a chance

to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Erotic Cravings.







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