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Dirt Rotten Scoundrel ? Making the Naughty List with Anita Philmar

Posted by Nese on December 10, 2013 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Hi every naughty boy and girl, welcome to the Erotic Cravings “Making Santa’s Naughty List.”
Living on the wild side is so much more fun that being “nice.” Tell me who wants to be that!
The eight naughty authors of Erotic Cravings are offering some nice presents for the holiday season. Stop by each day to read another Erotic Cravings author’s post, because each of us is offering a giveaway and there’s a grand prize of a $50 Amazon or B&N gift card for one lucky winner!

So let’s me tell you about my Dirt Rotten Scoundrel...He lies, cheats, and prowls through the night like a panther...wait he’s a shape shifter.  Now, he’s on a quest to win the ultimate live in paradise again.

All Jack Avery has to do to earn the queen's forgiveness is rescue her missing daughter from the human world. His sources reveal the Princess Noelani is being held by a powerful man who likes a good game of chance. So with twenty borrowed pieces of gold Jack enters the high-stakes game. Only the lady he encounters is no princess. This pretty Kitty makes him want to hear her purr.

Under a memory spell, Kitty recalls nothing before the governor bought her from her parents and offered her protection from those he claims would kill her kind. So what if, in order to control her, he forces Kitty to morph then deprives her of sexual release after transformation. But the crafty card player she is assigned to “entertain” reveals himself as a kindred spirit—a shape shifter—and unravels the lie she’s been forced to live.
Together Jack and Kitty risk it all, for the stakes are high and the prize is worth it...freedom, forgiveness, love.

Excerpt from Banished Scoundrel

The dark night didn’t bother Jack. He enjoyed the peaceful sound of an owl cooing and the cold crisp dirt under his paws. Fresh air filled his lungs, and he quickly recovered from his jaunt through the woods. Sloan had led him on a merry chase, but Jack gained the information he needed.

Still in his panther form, he followed Kitty’s scent. She hadn’t agreed to meet him, but her unique fragrance on the breeze had directed him to her path through the underbrush. The low shrubs helped provide plenty of cover from any wandering guest.

A snap from a twig sang through his sharpened awareness. He scanned the sandy shore of the lake. A sleek female panther stalked to the water’s edge and dipped her head to drink.

With her tail up and lying along her side, the rich scent of her sex filled his senses. He focused on the wide spread of her back legs. The pleasure of pumping his barbed cock deep into her lush pussy enraged his lust. Her scream of completion would echo through the night and alert the humans in the castle of their activities.
The panther turned and stared at the castle. Jack? What are you doing here?

He stepped out from his hiding place. The light from the night beast lit the area in an eerie glow. Unwilling to expose himself to danger, he tossed his head back at the structure glowing in the distance. Many of the bedroom windows faced the lake.

Why don’t we move to a more secure area? I don’t want anyone from Sloan’s party to see us. He turned.

No, Jack. Even though you’ve caught me in my panther form, I’m not following you into the underbrush. I’ve read that male cats have an insatiable hunger to mate. She shuffled her paws in the sand and strolled along the shoreline.

But wait! With a quick burst, he covered the ground between them. He closed his mouth around the hairs on the back of her neck and tugged.

She sighed and stopped. Jack, I’m not fucking you in this form. A quick twist of her head and she broke free of his grip. Now stop.

A deep purr rumbled from his chest. He couldn’t allow her to escape.

So I’m feeling a little naughty and decided to give away a digit copy of my book “Banished – Three Erotic Stories.” This includes all three stories of the Banished series.

Read the blurbs and excerpts for each book at

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Available at

For a chance to win my prize and the GRAND PRIZE fill out the info in the Rafflecoper giveaway below.

Don't forget to stop here every day from December 9 – 16 for another post and another chance to win! I hope you have lots of fun Making Santa’s Naughty List!

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Have a wonderful holiday season and give everyone on your naughty list a kiss...after all they need a little something too.

Anita Philmar

Making Santa's Naughty List...with Em Petrova

Posted by Nese on December 9, 2013 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Are You on the Naughty List?


Here are some things that might have gotten me on Santa’s Naughty List this year:


1. Infected something with a fatal virus--my poor little computer will rest in peace. Obitituary: Died in Feb. 2013 from…ahem…watching certain questionable videos and looking at erotic photography.

2. The Bulge Tour project—if you follow my blog you’ll find snapshots of unsuspecting men and their packages. I’ve taken a few really good ones, as well as been “caught” a number of times!

3. Grabbing my children by the hair and forcing them to look at me when they’re committing the ultimate back-talk sin.

4. Didn’t bother to pay the gas bill and instead purchased lingerie. Whattayathink?

5. Told the school I was not going to volunteer for the bake sale ever again because they always pair me with Lucas’s mom, who is the equivalent of a goldfish swimming back and forth in its bowl and getting excited about the same coral castle. Yeah, I said that.


Sometimes being bad feels really good! Make sure you do 5 naughty things this year AT LEAST. But always balance with kindness and good deeds. What have you done that’s earned you a spot on the Naughty List?


Read on for a naughty excerpt from my latest release STRANDED AND STRADDLED!


When a freak snowstorm strands Lacey at a crowded Oklahoma rest stop, she thinks things can’t possibly get worse. Until she bumps into Trace Allen. Bull rider, ex-boyfriend, and all-around bad boy, Trace plucks her off her feet and invites her into his warm travel trailer.


But Lacey has her misgivings. Trace is every bit as strong and virile as the bulls he rides--and just as volatile. But when she finds evidence that their bad breakup was a misunderstanding, she begins to question everything she thought she knew about him.


Could Trace’s temper and bad boy exterior hide a tender heart? And will Lacey end up stranded, or straddled by the hottest bad-boy cowboy the rodeo circuit has ever seen?


“Fuck, I missed you.” He closed his fingers over her buds, twisting, stroking in perfect tempo to the pulse between her thighs. Juices slicked her folds. She smoothed her hand over the dips and swells of his chest, aware of his cock waving over her belly.

As if he couldn’t wait another moment, he prostrated himself on her, mouth on her nipples. The rake of his teeth against her sensitive flesh drew quiet whimpers from her. When he slid a hand over her landing strip of curls to the slick heat of her, she threw her head back and lost herself in sensation.

He glided a finger over her hard pearl, down over the soaking outer lips, and plunged into her core. She cried out, bucking against his touch. The heel of his hand ground into her clit, and oh, it had never been so intense, so good.






Giveaway: promo runs from Dec 9-16. Click on the Rafflecopter link for a chance at the grand prize giveaway, a $50 GC from Amazon or B&N. One lucky commenter will receive a book of her choice from my backlist (Dec 9-16)!


Angel's Addiction Release Day!

Posted by Nese on October 18, 2013 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (2)


His angel...

Gabriella Blanchett can't seem to resist the addictive lure of another pleasure-filled night with the smoldering rock star. He'd be perfect except for the sudden and mysterious disappearances in the middle of the night. His ability to sense her every need, coupled with the secrets he harbors, leave her head spinning, her body humming, and her heart in jeopardy.

Her addiction...

Rock star Auro Moretti tours the world with a goal that's two-fold. He hopes his music is inspiring, but as an empath, he also heals tortured young souls in the audience with his gypsy gift. Protecting his family's secret and Romani heritage proves as difficult a task as keeping Gabriella in his bed.

She fills his soul with light...he feeds her craving for love...and a stalker threatens to destroy both.

    Wow!  Angel's Addiction release day has finally arrived.

I'm bouncing back and forth between excitement and nervous evergy, but I'm determined to make the best of both.  

I feel compelled to share a few crazy thoughts about  the characters in this book.

Let's begin with Auro.  My hero is...let's just say he's an Alpha male with strong dominant tendencies.  On the flip side, his empathic abilites allow him to experience and show great tenderness and sensitivity.  What more could a girl ask for, right?

Here is an example of the contradictions that are Auro.

I took her hand and led her back inside. “Come.”

She shook her head and followed me to the couch. “You are scaring me. Just—”

“Gabriella, sit down.” She shivered at the authority in my voice, and I hid a smile when she obeyed.

Astounded by this beautiful woman’s total acceptance of what I was, partnered with the love she continually shared, forced me to pause. “Thank you for trusting me with your pleasure.”

It's so much fun writing Alpha heroes like Auro who respectfully adore their heroines.

Then there is Gabriella (Angel).  Darn, this is harder than I thought.  My heroine is complex as well. Most women agree that's a given. :)  Gabriella is a strong self-sufficient woman who balks at Auro's instict to protect, but hungers for his control in the bedroom.  

Here are a few of her random rants...

“Ugh! Your arrogance makes me want to scream. You just don’t get it, do you? I won’t be commanded to do what you think is best for me."

That was just it. I didn’t usually allow myself to give in and relinquish complete control. You love that about him. You’ve trusted him since the beginning. It’s your need for his dominance outside the bedroom you can’t accept.

I know, competely confusing out of context, but maybe just enough to make you want to meet these great characters.  

An excerpt  and  link is posted below.  Please take a second of your valuable time to read through, then if you like what you see...just click.

Rock On!

Nese Lane


Lustful addiction to an empathic rock star leads to love and deadly games… 

     I peered around the corner into the kitchenette area. Auro stood with his back to me, and I took a moment to appreciate the view. He’d drug on a pair of soft well-worn jeans. The fabric molded his ass in a way that had me drooling. He hadn’t bothered with a shirt, and muscles played across his back when he leaned forward and laid a single red rose on the room service tray.

     Preoccupied with his task, he quietly sang a tune I didn’t recognize. The sound of his voice had me wet in five seconds flat. I’m so easy.

     I slipped behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Mmm, morning.” I slid the long silky strands of his hair over so I could kiss where my lips met his spine. The deep rumble of his chuckle tickled my cheek as I snuggled against his warmth. 

     “Try afternoon, cara, it is after three. I was just coming to bring you something to eat and find out your plans for this evening. I had hoped to wake you in a completely different manner, but this works almost as well.” 

     He turned in my arms, tightened his hold, and lowered his head to brush his lips across my mouth. And there it was…the euphoric feeling of his kiss. The fix I needed from my drug of choice—Auro. It hit my system with enough punch, my knees weakened. I steadied myself by grasping his shoulders, leaning my full weight against his tension-filled frame. 

     “Sorry to spoil your fun. How can I make it up to you?” I murmured against his lips. Heat flashed in his gaze, and I slowly lowered myself to my knees.


Angel's Addiction makes USA Today

Posted by Nese on September 28, 2013 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Fantastic News!

Angel's Addiction drew the attention of the Mistress of Erotic Romance herself, Desiree Holt. I am both humbled and estatic over the write up in USA Today.  Thanks Desiree!  

Angel's Addiction is scheduled for release on 10-18-13 in the KDP program so mark your calendars! 

Here's the link for anyone who would like to check it out.  Also click over to my home page for an excerpt of the story.

Just two more weeks!  Keep Rockin' everyone.


October Spook Fest - Rachel Firasek

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Hey guys!  Check out my Short Story Posted on the Awesome Rachel Firasek's web site.  It is under entry 1 of her October Spook Fest Contest.  Here is the link.  Please come by and post a comment!

Sanity is overrated!

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Whew!  I am really losing my mind today.  Work....Write....Edit WIP.....Try to figure out my web site builder..... any help in this area would be great!

Where Fantasy meets the Heart and leads to ...Finding Home.

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Looking forward to discussing the many worlds of fantasy!